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Industrial Wifi Scale

January 28, 2019

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Backstory: Ecommerce is steadily on the rise, the recent surge of subscription box companies has added to this list. When shipping private products, you have to factor in quality assurance to make sure every customer is getting the same, great experience.

The Idea: A wifi scale that acts as a quality assurance.

Deep Dive: This is targeting companies that ship the same item to their customer such as loot crate or dog food companies. You would build a wifi scale for customers to weigh their products for shipment. Given the average weight, the scale will signal an alert when a product weighs a significant amount more than the average.

You would build a simple admin interface for users to enter in the average weight and view reports over time.

Validation: QA is huge and there are already consumer wifi apps to track body weight.

Monetization: Given you know how many items are being weighed by your customers, you could charge them per item so the pricing scales.