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In-house Laundry

November 11, 2019

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In-house Laundry Service

Backstory: I don't enjoy doing my laundry, I would definitely pay someone to come clean and fold my clothes.

The Idea: An in-house laundry service.

Deep Dive: You would provide a service where a cleaner would come inside a customer's house and clean/fold their laundry during the day.

Validation: Dry cleaning services have been around forever and I've heard a service like this is starting in Denver. Also, we already let strangers into our homes to clean them.

Monetization: You would take a percentage of the fee charged to the end customer.

Steps to Launch: I would post on social media to find some initial customers. You can easily fulfill the first few customers and it will be a great learning experience as well as have some customers to provide reviews.