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Global News by Category

December 20, 2018

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Backstory: Getting quality news is getting rough today. Sometimes I think reddit has more informative news in the comments than all the clickbait news sites today. Once I do find an article that I like, I'd love to read more about that idea/category of story.

I recently read an alexa controlled microwave and that got me on a kick to read about more smart home devices.

The Idea: An app that links similar articles by categories, ie: smart devices, air planes, non-profits, etc.

Deep Dive: Categorizing the articles would be tough, you would have to use machine learning to match similar articles and also provide a crowdsourced option to keep the data accurate.

Validation: News aggregation companies like the hustle are becoming increasingly popular.

Monetization: The obvious answer is advertisements but that's how news sites turn into clickbait. Once you gain in popularity I think you could try to get people to sponsor sections of the front page to promote their business or recent product achievement.