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Fresh Start

September 11, 2018

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Backstory: I read a post on reddit over the weekend about someone wanting to start a new career and didn't know where to start. They wanted to get into web design and indicated they were willing to take their first job for free.

The Idea: A marketplace where you can hire new freelancers for only $9.

Deep Dive: To start, you would niche down into a field that is easy to do remote like logo/web design. The expectation is that the user with the job is strapped for cash and is willing to take a chance on someone new to the field. The person performing the job would do it for free, the $9 would be a per job fee for the job provider. Eliminating the two way transfer of money makes this easier to start.

Validation: Fiverr is not $5 anymore. Starting a new career is hard, this would be a great opportunity for people to get some experience.

Monetization: You would charge $9 for each job requested. You could offer bulk deals, 5 for $39, to get additional upfront revenue.