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Freelancer Pacer

May 14, 2019

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Backstory: I've been a freelancer off and on for the past six years. The hardest part for me is staying connected with people. I often frequent coffee shops or coworking spaces to stay connected. The problem with these options is everyone is working on their own thing (duh!) but it really hits home when you get stuck on something, there's nobody there to help. My closest working bonds are formed from late nights, working through a problem with someone else.

The Idea: Online freelancing help group.

Deep Dive: You would connect a small group (five or less) of similar skilled freelancers like rails devs and have them join a group video call together. As the moderator, you would give each person a few minutes to talk about what tasks they're going to complete for the day and then let everyone break for work. Once everyone joins back up, you would let everyone talk about the progress and put one person in the hot seat to talk about an issue in depth. The group would be responsible for helping them out. You would rotate this person every day during the week. When you have found a repeatable process for this, hire out another moderator and try to scale this to an online platform.

Validation: I've heard ideas like this floated around on Art of Product podcast before.

Monetization: You would charge a small fee from each person for your time as a moderator. Additionally, you would be able to complete some work while moderating the group.