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Food Incubator

February 11, 2019

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Backstory: There are lot of meal and food related startups popping up. The sheer number of custom diet delivery services is astounding. Similar to other booms like the subscription box industry, there will some winners and loser. One way to insure success is to piggy back off of this trend, much lumi, a box manufacturing company.

The Idea: An incubator for food related companies.

Deep Dive: Starting a company is a daunting task, one in the food business is even more overwhelming. You would create an incubator that only catered to food related businesses. You would have a commercial kitchen and warehouse space for shipments. Additionally, you could provide services like FDA reviews at a group rate.

Building out an entire building is quite an undertaking but you could presell some of the spaces to judge interest in your city.

Validation: There are already some co-working kitchens popping up in major cities.

Monetization: Similar to wework, you would charge a monthly membership fee.