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Food Crowdsource

October 8, 2018

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Backstory: Julia and I buy a lot of chicken and steak. We try to buy whichever is on sale but often times neither offer great deals. There are always deals on the family size of both steak and chicken. The family size is a little too much for us to eat before it goes bad.

You can always freeze the food but it never really tastes the same. This got us to thinking about buying bulk amounts with our friends.

The Idea: Purchase bulk food items with your neighbors.

Deep Dive: This would only work in densely populated cities. You would create a simple platform for people to list the amount and type of meat they purchase on a regular basis. Users would be able to sort on distance and food preferences.

In the initial version you could leave it up to people to contact each other and work out buying together. Later versions could have a matching system and delivery options.

Validation: People are becoming more conscious about food waste and saving money, this is a great combination.

Monetization: You could offer to send users local deals for a small monthly fee. This would be directly inline with the core platform.