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Fix It Bicycles

November 4, 2019

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Bike Repair Manuals

: I got in an accident a month ago on my road bike and took it to a shop to fix, it cost me $270. Afterwards, I googled the parts and it was around $80 in parts. If I knew the right tools and had some instructions, I could have fixed the bike myself.

The Idea: A website dedicated to fixing bicycles.

Deep Dive: You could get very complex with this idea: videos, detailed instructions, links to parts and tools for each make/model of bicycle. You would build out a plethora of online resources for anyone of zero skill to fix their bicycle.

Validation: Try googling how to fix a type of bike, you're either watching a lengthy youtube video or getting referred back to the manufacturer.

Monetization: By providing all the content for free, you would make it up selling parts and tools. You could also have an advanced "tune-up" ebook that you could sell as well.

Steps to Launch: This helps if you have a bike... I would target one specific bike and provide detailed pictures and videos of the whole process. Use amazon referral links for parts and tools. Post the information on various bike forums and see if anyone purchases from amazon. If it pans out, you'll have a little bit of cash as validation to keep plugging away.