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August 31, 2018

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Backstory: I've used bonjoro on multiple projects. It's a great way to send a personal message to customers via email. The only problem is that it's another on-boarding email that your customers are getting. It's coming from bonjoro as well so the email starts off less personal.

The Idea: An embedded notification widget for custom client videos.

Deep Dive: Similar to intercom, the app plugs into client's websites. Once new customers sign up, you get their information and have the opportunity to record a custom welcome video. The next time the user logs into the website, they receive an in-app notification of the new video and can watch directly in the website.

This embedded widget would allow clients to give their customers a custom welcome experience. In addition, clients could send a video to a customer at any point when they're using the website. This could be to maintain a relationship or send a message about bug/issue.

Validation: This is a mix of bonjoro and intercom. It would fill a small gap for personalized custom customer videos.

Monetization: The pricing structure would be similar to bonjoro and other SaaS applications. This platform could warrant a higher monthly price as it provides a highly targeted video directed at customers.

P.S: Did you know bonjoro sends you a custom bear onesie when you hit 500 videos sent?? We found out at samcart after our major launch: