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Employee Relationship Management Software (ERM)

June 27, 2019

Backstory: As a business owner, keeping your employees happy can be hard sometimes. It's important for employees to feel valued and be able to give feedback. It's also important for a business owner to know that you're employees are doing well and aren't hesitant to give feedback.

The Idea: Employee Relationship Management software (ERM). This software would send out a weekly questionnaire to all employees. It would ask them questions like how they are feeling or what can be improved in the company. There would be a simple backend where managers could receive these answers and respond individually to them. Ideally, managers could choose from pre-written questions or write their own questions each week.

Deep Dive: We've used I had a great experience with 15Five, and would recommend checking them out for inspiration.

Validation:  There's not much software that does this, but there are some successful ones. We think the need for ERM's will become even more needed as newer generations enter the workforce.

Monetization: You can charge a monthly subscription fee. This subscription could be a flat fee, or could be priced based on the numbers of managers or users in the system.