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Employee Anniversary Awards

December 12, 2018

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Backstory: I'm always looking at away to gamify and make work as fun as possible for everyone. I recently tried to find a platform to reward employees for tenure and possibly other tasks/milestones but couldn't find anything.

The Idea: A reward platform that keeps track of employee anniversary dates and milestones.

Deep Dive:  You would have to source a few prizes to start, you could use amazon or just use gift cards. You would have to build an interface for the manager/owner to customize the point system vs rewards. Additionally they would need the option to select prizes or upload their own.

Employees would need a login as well. You would have to send email notifications as they earn more points.

Validation: Team building and employee appreciation is becoming increasingly trendy and apparent. Gone are the days of the Steve Jobs overload approach.

Monetization: You would charge the manager/owner a monthly fee per employee. You could have pricing tiers where small companies pay less and it scales as their company grows.