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Elderly TV

August 10, 2018

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Backstory: My grandmother is at that age where she requires 24/7 care. My mother just recently visited her and commented how she had trouble getting her VHS player working. Yes, you read that correctly VHS. She likes a of the old shows that are only available on VHS.

The Idea: An all-in-one TV targeted for the elderly.

An awesome closed caption system. I'm looking at you LG, your font choice is horrible
Packaged with a big jumbo remote
A paired down Netflix or custom pre-loaded app that auto starts when the TV loads

Deep Dive: Giving our elderly loved ones an acceptable level of TV entertainment requires the purchase of multiple items, VHS or DVD player and a jumbo remote. You also have to configure the TV for closed captions or assisted hearing devices. This TV would ship pre-configured to have closed captions turned on and an app with "older" tv series to watch. It would have to be a pain to edit the settings, to prevent your elderly family member from altering it.

If you're building a custom app to show older tv shows you would be competing with Netflix, AppleTV, Hulu, etc but in a very niche market. The market for 30+ year old series is probably the easiest to enter out of all the media camps.

Validation: There are already separate devices out there trying to solve this overall problem. Bundling everything together will hit that specific niche that "needs it now."

Monetization: You could charge a premium to package all of this together. If you package it with a custom app then you would be able to sell highly targeted ads to seniors. *Please, no penny stocks!