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Ecommerce SmartLocker Storage

October 11, 2018

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Backstory: Julia and I moved to Baltimore earlier this summer and the only downside is getting packages delivered while we're away during the day. Our local facbook group is littered with stories of people stealing packages. The local UPS store is 10 miles away but it takes nearly 45 minutes of driving time round trip. Shouldn't there be a closer and easier to access solution?

The Idea: A generic locker based system where ecommerce companies can deliver packages to customers.

Deep Dive: This is essentially amazon lockers but for other other ecommerce companies. You could develop this two ways, the first is to build a portal for customers to log into and reserve a locker. This locker is like a PO box where customers can substitute this address instead of their own.

Another angle is to integrate with ecommerce companies such as shopify and allow customers to link a locker to their email address. During checkout they can authenticate with your platform and it will automatically default to their locker location and pick an available locker. The customer would get an email with the locker of delivery.

Lockers would be available in major cities. Customers could access the locker via a code or bluetooth app, this part could be fun to build and you may be able to gamify it. Users could earn points for every time they retrieve a package. Those points would give discounts on future reservations or redeemable at your custom online store.

Validation: Amazon lockers have been around for at least a year.

Monetization: You would charge either the end customer or an ecommerce store for access to the lockers. It would be small monthly fee for users to access it and you could charge stores a per transaction fee.