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eBay Surprise

July 30, 2018

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Backstory: Everyone loves getting surprises. Ebay has a bunch of random items. Combining these two would yield an interesting combination. This idea came out with a group of friends while drinking but I think it could have legs given previous items I bought. I've purchased almost a dozen "bags of crap" from woot. Reddit has seen huge success with secret Santa's, a random gift exchange.

The Idea: Sign up for a monthly surprise, a random product purchased from ebay, for around $20. You would pick a specific niche but the product would be completely random.  

Deep Dive: I like this idea because it's easy to implement. You could charge $22 to deliver a random $20 from eBay, instant profit without much hassle. The item would essentially be drop-shipped since the eBay seller would ship it out to the gift receiver.

Validation: This is essential woot's bag of crap that sells out almost every time it's released. I've mostly received actual crap/left over items from woot but the experience was fun.

Monetization: You would charge a set amount over a minimum purchase. Ie, 20% on top... $12 for a $10 item shipped, $22 for a $20. You wouldn't hold any items so your only cost would be hosting. Hosting this simple app on heroku could be less than $30 a month.

P.S. Special shoutout to one of my closest friends for coming up with this idea. Cheers, Bryan, thanks!