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Dog Dates

August 1, 2018

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Backstory: A friend was out walking his dog and called me on the phone to chat. He mentioned part of the reason he got a dog was to be social and meet girls that were into dogs. I kind of saw his logic where certain personality types like dogs, so I agreed.

The Idea: An app where you can toggle on/off your willingness to meet someone while walking your dog.

Deep Dive: Meeting someone outside with your dog and their dog in a public place is a great place for a first date. It's niche enough where you both are into animals and have a dog, you may have similar enough personalities to hit it off. When toggling on "meet someone," that app would expose your location for others to see. Someone would be able to request to meet and you would approve. You would have to geo-fence your house and home area so there would not be an invasion of privacy.

Validation: Dating apps are always in demand. I'm still shocked that I see "farmers only" commercials.  No offense to anyone who may have used this site...

Monetization: Similar to other dating apps, you would charge a monthly subscription fee. You could also throw in a free plan with dog focused advertisements.