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Disaster Care

October 10, 2018

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Backstory: Every-time a natural disaster strikes it seems like mayhem to get food and medical supplies to those in need. Often times there are some people that fared better than others, they could offer shelter and personal supplies as well.

The Idea: A location based app for people and disaster relief organizations to provide help.

Deep Dive: Users would be able to join as residents or fill out an application to become approved as a relief organization. Users would be able to post what kind of supplies they have and if they offer any lodging. Users in need would be able to search and message others to help coordinate help.

You may have to give users the option to use their approximate location for privacy reasons. They would be able to share exact details manually.

Validation: Any application to aid in disaster recovery is welcomed. I have a friend that works with a large relief organization and there are a lot of stories related to disorganization.

Monetization: This would be tough to monetize, I think you would propose this as a non-profit and get grant money to fund the application.