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Digital Conference

November 19, 2018

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Backstory: I attended an event last weekend, there were nearly 12000 attendees. Wouldn't it be great to sell that same content, digitally?

The Idea: A digital platform to sell conferences and seminars.

Deep Dive: You would have to provide a platform for users to upload videos and scanned/pdf content. Similar to course platforms you could provide content at a certain time.

Taking this a giant step further, you could provide multiple 3d cameras to the event and high quality microphones to record an immersive VR experience of the event.

Validation: This idea is similar to a webinar.

Monetization: You should charge customers a per thousand view fee. This would scale with your customer base and entice users to sign up for free to try out the product.

As your customers do well and their conferences continue to sell, you'll continue to make money.