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Customer Support Cancellation Details

October 21, 2019

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Backstory: When customers write into support to cancel, there's often a disconnect between the chat system and billing system. Bridging the gap would give management better oversight into churn and product deficiencies.

The Idea: Pair customer support platforms with the billing platform.

Deep Dive: This would be very niche per platform but if you're able to target the right initial customers, this would provide a ton of value and opportunity for you. For example, if someone writes into a support platform like drift or intercom, a particular support agent will pick up the request and talk with the customer and eventually cancel the order. The support rep will manually do this in the billing platform. Often times there is not a ton of space for context to leave an explanation for the cancel.

Your platform would bridge both the support channel and billing platform to provide in-depth analysis of why the customer canceled, customer LTV and product details.

Validation: I've recently had a client on drift and shopify ask for this and the quote was rather large.

Monetization: A niche SaaS offering, you would be able to charge on per unit basis and at a high price given the complex and unique offering.

Steps to Launch: As an agency or freelancer, I would find one client that wants this and give them a monthly price that would eventually add up to the total cost to build in 2-3 years. It's a bit of a gamble that you'll find additional clients but feeling out the market beforehand will give you a high chance to resell this to 3+ additional customers for sweet amount of recurring revenue.