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Custom Career Pages

March 12, 2019

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Backstory: Almost all companies have a link to their open jobs. Most of these jobs are posted on a third party site like zip recruiter. When someone clicks on the job, they are then dumped in a sea of other jobs as well.

The Idea: A platform for businesses to privately host their open jobs.

Deep Dive: Similar to status pages, you would build a privately hosted site for businesses to host their jobs. Since you are catering to one specific business you could integrate with their crunchbase articles, glass door reviews and linked in pages.

There's less real-estate on the page taken up by a platform like zip recruiter for other jobs, you can focus on providing more value for the company.

Validation: Companies already use zip recruiter and angel list to host their jobs.

Monetization: You would charge a small monthly fee, this would be large scale early adoption play.