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Couple's Gameshow

August 17, 2018

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Startup Idea: Couple's Gameshow

Backstory: Yesterday I went out to a new type of trivia night with Julia and some friends. It was very unique, gameshow based games rather than the traditional write an answer on a board and wave it around. Most rounds were interactive and we had five people on our team, too many to participate every round. Restricting this to couples would be a way to involve the whole team for every game. It would also add an element similar to the "newlywed game."

The Idea: Couple's gameshow night hosted at bars/restaurants.

Deep Dive: During the game night, there was an interactive video and visual effects being shown, think of clips of every gameshow you've seen... check it out here. I talked with the host at the end and found he coded the whole game himself, in flash, actionscript 2... impressive and quite brutal in "code" standards. Actionscript 2 had it's last stable release in 2006, ancient in the tech world.

Anyway, back to the game. It was seriously impressive and a lot of fun, for this project you could develop something similar or even contact him to license it out. You could make this a date night/couples only event and charge for it. The participating bars almost always offer happy hour specials as well.

Validation: Everyone in our group had a blast and we'll be back next month! A lot of the people in the game were repeat customers, he's definitely doing something right to keep everyone coming back.

Monetization: If you were able to sell tickets to couples and create enough process around this experience I think you could franchise out the event. Similar to paint nights, you would get others to host their own events in different cities.