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Couples Date Box

October 14, 2019

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Backstory: Date night and couple experiences are becoming more popular. There are few subscription style games out there as well as Date Night in a Box. Most of these cater to the $30-$40 recurring space. There's definitely room for a premium box that is not recurring.

The Idea: Premium Couples Date Box.

Deep Dive: Similar to the man crate:, you would build a premium experience ($100+) for couples to enjoy for a date night. You should focus into a niche like TV trivia. This will help narrow your content as well as your audience for advertisement. Additionally, this lends itself for partnering with specific TV brands to cobrand boxes, similar to loot crate.

Validation: Date Night in a Box exists in the $30-$40 space.

Monetization: A straight ecommerce play, watch your margins!

Steps to Launch: With this one, I would come up with an initial concept, build a really slick landing page and presell the box. If you're able to get enough orders to make the unit economics work, build and ship the box. If not enough people buy based on your concept and landing page, you can refund everyone that died and try another niche or move onto another idea.