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Convention Ratings

August 23, 2018

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Backstory: Today, for my best friend's birthday, I took him to the wealth and achievement summit featuring Tony Robbins, Gary V and Robert Herjavec. The main speakers were great but two of the others really turned everyone off. They pitched a product the whole time, one guy pitched for almost 45 minutes straight.

We left the convention center for lunch, it was that painful. We missed part of Gary V which was pretty disappointing. That got us to talking about an app idea similar to, an app that tells you when to pee during a movie you can't pause.

The Idea: An app that rates convention events and speakers.

Deep Dive: This app would allow for both organic and user fed ratings for events and speakers. To drive objectivity in event ratings, you could watch event based hashtags and picture postings on social media and come up with a simple formula to calculate a score based on posts vs number of attendees.

You could also watch social media posts about each speaker as well and apply the same formula to compute a score.

Giving users the ability to rate both speakers and the event can aid in the ratings process. Given ratings and feedback, future attendees are able to pick and choose the speakers they want to watch.

Validation: There was a mass exodus of people during that one particular speech. Everyone was complaining, the speaker that was "selling" the whole time ruined the vibe from the first two speakers. This would help frame everyone's expectations and everyone there would have appreciate this app to plan for lunch or take a break durning poorly rated speakers.

Monetization: You could sell advertisements on future events. You would also have a lot of data about the type of speakers in each part of the country, this would be useful to large event planners. There may be an option to sell this data.