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Content Marketplace

June 24, 2018

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Backstory: When creating a blog post or article sometimes it's hard to get inspired or get started. Having a place where you can purchase content in a similar niche for inspiration would help with writer's block.

The Idea: A marketplace for people to sell and purchase content.

Deep Dive: Similar to other marketplaces you have seed one side of the marketplace before it starts to thrive. In this case you would want to start with the content.

You should pick a specific niche such as ecommerce and curate a bunch of articles and posts around various ecommerce topics. By sticking with a niche, you can find specific forums and sites to get your first customers, such as shopify forums and click funnel's facebook group. By contributing to these communities, when someone asks about content, it would be a great opportunity for you to suggest one of your articles without being too pushy with your startup.

Validation: There are a few examples of this already: After browsing the site, it seems like a wasteland with 0 downloads for a lot of articles. By picking a specific niche, your platform would seem more popular and have a higher perceived authority.

Monetization: Selling digital content is awesome, less overhead and you can run higher sales more often. Once you outsource the content creation, you would give a percent of each sale to the curator. Eventually you could build a portal for creators to submit their content and sell it automatically.

Steps to Launch: You could MVP this with a really simple and quick ecommerce platform such as shopify or webflow. Webflow recently launched it's ecommerce platform and would make launching something quick and easy.

Both platforms have themes, you could purchase one to jump start the website design. As you're building the website, you should follow a few forums inside your niche. Once you see a request for content, create it quickly and DM the user. You could sell it for 50% off in exchange for a testimonial and to help you make your first sale.