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Community Trash and Recycling

November 21, 2018

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Backstory: I don't think anyone enjoys taking the trash out. It's one of the first chores I was assigned as a kid.

We live in the city and the trash/recycling cans are littered throughout our alley. On trash day, neighbors help by taking all the cans to the end of the alley and return them the next day but it's disorganized and it's a chore that we all repeat over and over again. Why not share a common set of cans?

The Idea: Autonomous trash and recycling cans for city residents that can be requested via an app.

Deep Dive: You would have to coordinate with city sanitation and legislation. You would build a fleet of cans that could be requested via an app. Once pinged, the can would arrive outside the users house and push a notification to the phone.

By having an organized system you are providing:
1. Less pickup locations for sanitation workers
2. Guarantee that the cans will have enough space for the users trash or recycling. Often times I see cans overflowing with trash and it spills onto the streets

Validation: This will clean up our streets and provide value for all residents.

Monetization: You would have to work with local legislation to get funding and/or a grant.