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Business at Crossfit

August 9, 2018

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Backstory: I’m competitive and I’ve worked for some extremely competitive CEOs. From playing sports to working out, everything is a competition against each other. At crossfit you get to know your fellow members in downtime and before/after the class. Grouping entrepreneurs in crossfit classes would lead to some interesting competition and a different take on networking.

The Idea: A website that pairs groups of entrepreneurs for crossfit/exercise events.

Deep Dive: A simple app, maybe even start with a meetup group where you only allow founders or c-level positions into a crossfit class. You could charge a premium and you could have some sort of quick networking session after the class to further help introduce everyone. Rather than a traditional networking event you would be able to interact with everyone on a different level and experience how they act on a personal level. If you’re looking to hire an important position, this would help identify culture matches as well.

Once the concept takes off, you could expand into different categories, solo-entrepreneurs, developers, designers, etc.

Validation: Lift weights and talking business? Sounds like the perfect match to me :) Traditional networking events are getting stale, this would mix it up enough to spark some serious interest. This would be relatively simple to test, you could start a meetup group, partner with a crossfit gym and see what happens.

Monetization: By making this exclusive you would be able to charge a premium. You could begin by renting out a space during off hours time of a crossfit gym and pay to reserve the spot. This idea would be harder to scale without adding other people to facilitate events but it could make a few thousand as a side hustle.