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Business Apprenticeships

June 4, 2019

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Backstory: A few nights ago I witnessed my friends debate whether college was a good path for the next generation. They were drunk and it got sloppy but one of them mentioned apprenticeships for trades... that got me thinking. I think there are a good number of trades that are future proof as well as general business knowledge. Business is harder to learn in school and students would get more out of an apprenticeship than a few years in college.

The Idea: A marketplace for business apprenticeships.

Deep Dive: You would build a marketplace for apprentices to find businesses that are willing to invest in them in exchange for a long term commitment. The nuances of the agreement is where this idea can flourish or flop. I think you should position it as a long term, multi-year commitment. This differentiates itself from internships and gives a deeper purpose to the (unpaid) job.

Validation: There is much debate about the future of education, this could be a viable solution. Regardless of where you stand on university education, the more options we provide for the next generation, the higher chance they have for success and fulfillment.

Monetization: Similar to indeed, you would have to charge the business for the job posting.