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Better Vending Machines

October 17, 2018

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Backstory: Vending machines have been around since the 1880s. Modern vending machines have not changed much, offering products like coke, pepsi, diet, energy and sports drinks. Now that there are tons of new beverage options, I'm surprised to find there are limited options in vending machines.

The Idea: A modern vending machine with better options, rewards and digital ad space.

Deep Dive: You could improve vending machines in three main ways:

1. Better, healthier options like cold brew, energy teas and flavored sparkling water.
2. Reward points, entice users to come back and buy more. You would pair with a bluetooth payment option to make purchasing easy.
3. Subsidize the cost with digital ads. This would be a great way for new beverage companies to advertise.

Validation: I'd love to see a machine that offered healthy energy drinks like zest tea.

Monetization: You would make money inline with the standard vending machine model in addition to selling ad space on the front of the machine.