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Available Laundry Machines

August 7, 2018

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Backstory: This idea has been lingering in my brain since college. We had a communal laundry room. Eight washers and ten dryers for our group of apartments. It was quite a headache to haul my dirty laundry to the other building, it wasn't connected and was about a 150ft walk, up hill both ways... in the snow. No, not really but it wasn't convenient. Have you ever waited until the last minute to do laundry, only to find it's snowing and when you get to the laundry room, every washer is taken? My hand is raised :(    

The Idea: An app that tells you when laundry machines are available.

Deep Dive: This app would be great for dorms and laundromats. As an end user you would be able to see how many dryers and washers are available and how long until one becomes available. As a laundry machine user you would be able to reserve a machine up to ten minutes in advance so you wouldn't have to worry about getting there and missing a washer.

For the laundromat owner you could build CRM/clienteling features such as alerts for discounts on off days and email reminders based on their habits. The app could also keep track of how many cycles there are for each machine, giving the owner a rough estimate for repairs.

The app could also allow payment via credit, paypal or bitcoin. This would eliminate the need to carry around quarters for the clothes washer.

Validation: This would save time for anyone washing their clothes at a laundromat. It would be a huge win for all, I would have loved to have this app in college.

Monetization: By offering features for the laundromat you could charge a monthly fee. By allowing transactions through the app, you could negotiate a deal at scale.

Random tip: If you run a SaaS or product company grossing over $86k/mo you can easily get companies like Stripe or BrainTree to come down to 2.2% + 0.25. This all depends on your card spread and other factors but it's easier to negotiate than you'd think. $86k is not a set rule either, if you think you're paying too much in processing, you probably are... reach out to me and I'll help you out :)