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Adult Internships

August 21, 2018

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Startup Idea: Adult Internships

Backstory: Summer internships are great. This gives aspiring college students a taste of work and it gives employers the ability to test out potential employees. What if you need an intern outside of the summer months?

When I say adults, I'm referring to someone who many want to switch careers but has a good bit of experience. This is ideal for those that want to test out a new field with less of a full time commitment. This also gives the employer a chance to test out a potential future employee.

The Idea: An intern job board for those over 30 years old.

Deep Dive: The job board would require the intern to enter their license information, verifying their age. By focusing on older workers, employers are able to draw insights into the interns work habits. This will help determine if they're a good long-term fit.

Validation: College summer interns already have a place in the work environment. Having a year long pool of interns will businesses grow.

Monetization: Once you gain enough traction, you could charge employers a fee to post their jobs.