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100% Done For You Date Night

August 2, 2018

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Backstory: My birthday was a few weeks ago. Julia, my girlfriend, planned a great evening. We went out to a nice restaurant and then we went to urban axes (axe throwing) where a bunch of my friends were waiting. The whole night was a surprise, we ubered everywhere and had a blast. The best part was, I didn't have to plan a thing :)

The Idea: A done for you date night. You and your partner would fill out a survey and given a budget level, your entire date night would be planned. Everything... meaning an uber/lfyt, pre paid meal and an event.

Deep Dive: We're approaching a time where people are buying time. Done for you services are in, Uber and Lyft are the best examples. For this done for you date night, as a couple you would fill out a survey of your likes/dislikes. Rather than have a traditional survey, I would love for this to be a tinder style, swipe right for yes, left for no. This would be more fun and you could easily pair foods to your taste buds and pictures of activities with your desired events. Once the app knows your common likes and food preferences, you would set your budget with a minimum or have a few options, $200, $300, $400. This is definitely a premium service aimed at special occasions or those with disposable income. As the business owner, you could MVP this by creating a typeform with only images, manually ordering the uber/lyft, contacting the restaurant, pre-paying for the meal and organizing an event that is paid for as well.

Validation: Bloveit does part of this already. They don't organize the uber and it looks like they only do food or an event and not an entire evening. There is definitely space in this area for a higher end competitor.

Monetization: In the beginning you could charge a flat fee above what the cost of the actual date. As this becomes more automated, you would have to partner with restaurants or use yelp to help identify the average cost of a meal to keep within budget.