Ideas come from real problems

How it started

In 2018, Startups from the Bottom started as a daily newsletter of ideas... more than just ideas, each email included a backstory, monetization strategy, deep dive and validation.

In July of 2019, I transitioned the ideas into a weekly digest, diving deeper into a single idea and hosted each on this website for readers to browse and search the archives.

About the author

Brian Thomas

I've been in the startup space since 2013 and previously worked in the government sector for 8 years on large scale enterprise contracts.

I created a LMS that was acquired for $190M  listed on patent for that work. I was the CTO at samcart leading up to our initial $1.2M launch and continued until the platform reached $500M+ in revenue. I held the VP of product position at Hunt a Killer, leading up to our award from FastCompany. Currently I run completing the puzzle, a puzzle rental subscription company that I co-founded.

Why you should subscribe

I love new businesses and strive to make this more than just a list of "bathroom" thought ideas. These are actionable and real ideas that I believe can have real traction if executed correctly. Ideas are nearly worthless... execution is everything. I hope these idea blueprints are your first steps towards greatness.